We are a Tribe. We are a Tradition.


Rituals Chiropractic & Wellness is focused on providing quality care for women in all phases of life as well as those individuals looking for optimum health that is not found through medication.



We are working on our new building! Dr. Lauren Wills can currently be found at Back to Health Chiropractic in Sterling, IL

(815) 625-5400


Exciting News!!!!

This is the official home of Rituals Chiropractic & Wellness. We closed on the location last week (7/31/2019) and have feverishly been knocking down walls, cleaning and wiping down remaining walls, and having professionals come and update the electricity and plumbing.

Soon the new doors, lights, and wall paint will be going up and signage should be in front shortly!!

We will be updating the website with pictures and hope to be open to the public by August 19th!! (Fingers crossed…otherwise, check here for latest opening date)