Rituals Chiropractic & Wellness is focused on providing quality care for women in all phases of life as well as those individuals looking for optimum health that is not found through medication.


We are OPEN!

We have worked feverishly to complete the painting, door and shelf hanging, desk assembly, decorating, and the moving in of all the furniture and most importantly the adjusting table!!!

The greatest thing…each time you come in will be something different, new, and exciting!

Above are images of the work we have done on the space. Vilde is happily modeling in the Nursing Nook; a cozy space available for breast-feeding families to nurse in peace, comfort, and privacy (if need be). Charlie is chillin’ on the couch in the reception and there are refreshments available if a little chat and relax is what you are seeking. The kids room and teepee is down the hall on the other end of the building which is always a good space for the kiddos to play!

Keep checking back as we continue to put final details on different rooms and adding the photos to this gallery. Thank you to all for the encouragement and excitement!